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Carwide.com’s parents were born 20+ years ago in the publishing industry. We began with a number of free print magazines focusing on the apartment rental and automotive industries. Our goals were never on the national scene. We believe a locally based company can provide a better and lower cost product for local companies. This belief is based on two things. First, with 20+ years of local experience, we have a better understanding of local marketing and local buyers. This local experience results in ads that sell more cars and automotive related products. Without all the upper end management, bureaucracy and top-heavy costs, we can provide better results for much lower costs. Second, cars and automotive related products are almost always bought by local buyers, not buyers from over 100 miles away. So, a strong local company that can provide all the same services as the nationals is better for sales, for the local community and local buyers.
Unlike any national company, Carwide.com still prints free magazines in the areas we service. This gives us a strength they do not have. In example, our Fresno magazine is delivered to 100,000+ local car buyers every month. We have racks almost everywhere (over 1100 stops just for our Fresno magazine). Many media including the newspaper, radio and TV try to impress with similar or larger numbers. Keep in mind that, only 2-4% of their targets are currently looking for cars. In contrast, the people who pick up and read our car magazines are interested in cars and automotive related products.  We provide a powerful one-two punch. Our massive print supports our top-end website. No national company can claim this or the results we generate.
Carwide.com is the only company that uses customer service reps that have actually worked in the automotive industry. So, they understand the pressures you face. Currently, we have almost 100 years of combined experience. We have worked as franchise sales managers, general managers, and car lot owners. This is a HUGE plus! Our experience alone can help you sell a lot MORE cars. We take the time and know which cars will sell best. We know how to offer those cars through our print and web media. We can also quickly troubleshoot any problems and provide the support and training to turn your leads into sales. This consulting alone is worth far more than our ad costs. Think of us as your secrete weapon in sales.
Here’s another important point.  Being a local company protects our industry from a disturbing trend with many national companies. As they grow, they gain control of markets. Once they have this control, they force prices up dramatically. This trend has been seen in print publishing for decades. Now, it is also being seen on-line. As a local company, we are more affected by competition. This makes us work harder, smarter and for a much lower cost.  All of this is great for the local automotive industry.
Lastly, we would like to address ROI.  Many businesses know this stands for ‘return on investment.’ We take much pride in our designs, photos, copy and the beauty of our printed and online ads. However, that is not what is most important to us. The bottom line is results. This is what we care about. How many views? How many pre-qualified leads? How many car or automotive related sales did we make for you this month? As great as these results are, they must also be compared with how much it cost to get them. At the end of the day, this is what we brag about. Customers have sent us letters thanking us. Why? Carwide.com generated 300+ leads in one month and sold cars for under $20 per car.  This is what Carwide.com print magazine and website is all about: RESULTS!
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